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Search engines are generally designed to search for information on World Wide Web and ftp servers. It generally works in three simple steps such as web crawling, indexing and searching. To rank a website better in search engines, SEO techniques are used and it is called as the art of creating web pages. Depending upon the level of optimization, more the traffic a website gets and the seo generally relies on the proper use of keywords and key phrases that best describes the site content.

Many search engine optimization tips are needed to rank a page better and as a Seo; you need to target different kinds of search such as image search, local search and video search so that the website may get some web presence. The seo is generally of four points and they are based on content, keyword, optimization and authority. Without content, nothing can be positioned and keywords focus on your target. Optimization in sense, optimizing content using tags, titles, headers and description. Authority refers to the sites we link and it is the way to show your site is relevant

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